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System Highlights

Check out these system highlights and see how AgKnowledge can seamlessly run your business:


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Orders and Shipping
  • Simple order entry.
  • Quickly turn shipped orders into invoices.
  • Flexible charges by customer, product, commodity, variety and more.
  • Easy access to all order history for every customer.
  • Fast truck check-in, including current inventory availability at check-in.
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge Inventory and AgKnowledge Barcoded Pallet Tags.
Inventory Tracking
  • Up-to-the-minute view of inventory, including On Hand, Available to Sell, and more.
  • Flexible inventory by warehouse, product, lot, aging date and more.
  • Estimated receiving by hour or day.
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge Sales and AgKnowledge Barcoded Pallet Tags.
Inventory Processing
  • Simple Pack-In, Pack-Out processing of inventory.
  • Convert raw product into finished product, bulk items into smaller units.
  • Use for grading, re-sizing, re-packing, and more.
  • Generate new pallet tags and optionally GTIN labels.
  • Full traceability back to original source product.
Warehouse Management
  • Manage and track your inventory using handheld and forklift-mounted computers and tablets.
  • Receive, cool, stage, ship and more in real-time.
  • Track your performance metrics.
    • Receive to cool times
    • Cooling efficiency
    • Truck turnaround times
    • Orders waiting on product
    • Individual loader performance
    • Time at facility
    • Time in dock
  • Complete pallet history: who did what, when they did it, etc.
Trading Partners
  • AgKnowledge clients can easily exchange order, inventory and shipping information electronically and automatically with other AgKnowledge clients.
  • Allows shippers and coolers to instantly be up-to-date with the same information.
  • Eliminates "double-entry" into more than one system.
Truck Appointment Loading
  • Schedule and track pick-up appointments.
  • Suggested appointment times based on product availability.
  • Monitor your capacity and schedule accordingly.
Pallet and Bin Weights
  • Total receiving weights can be captured at time of receiving.
  • Pallet or bin weights can be captured before and/or after cooling.
  • Weights can be printed on Bill of Lading and other documents.
  • Real-time monitoring of total weight being loaded.
  • Errors or warnings issued if "Maximum weight to load" is exceeded.
Accounts Receivable
  • Credit memos automatically offset invoices.
  • Easy cash posting for full and partial payments and write-offs.
  • View customer accounts with up-to-the-minute aging.
  • Unlimited Ship-To accounts for every Sold-To customer.
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge Sales and AgKnowledge General Ledger.
  • Email invoices and statements automatically.
Accounts Payable
  • Easy invoice entry and posting.
  • Flexible payment selection by date or individual invoice, even manual checks.
  • View vendor accounts with up-to-the-minute aging.
  • Recurring payments.
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge General Ledger.
  • Easy entry by employee or crew.
  • Salary, hourly, piece rate.
  • Infinite user-defined pay types like Regular, Overtime and Vacation pay.
  • Flexible deduction set-up with automatic interface to AgKnowledge Accounts Payable.
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge General Ledger.
General Ledger
  • Flexible Chart of Accounts with user-defined segments.
  • Automatically tracks Cash and Accrual basis without extra entries.
  • Easy-to-use Report Writer.
  • Deferred revenue and expense for automatic "Crops in Ground" asset tracking.
  • Account allocation.
  • Fully integrated with all AgKnowledge applications.
Common Features
  • Multi-company, multi-location.
  • Tabs custom by user.
Commercial Cooler
  • Keep each shipper's inventory separate.
  • Ability to see all orders for all shippers.
  • Easily invoice your shippers based on receiving or shipping.
  • Flexible shipper billing rates.
Produce Traceability
  • Automatically or manually assign your GTIN codes.
  • Generate your GTIN labels in the field, reprint based on estimates, or automatically at time of receiving or processing.
  • GTIN codes can optionally be printed on shipping documents like the Bill of Lading or Passing.