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Minimal up-front capital cost

  • No large up-front software expense.
  • We charge a small fee to get you up and running.
  • A fraction of legacy software solutions.

Tiered pricing

  • We charge per monthly user. As the number of users increases, your price per user decreases.
  • Users are only counted when they log into the system. During slow months, your costs go down.
  • We charge a small, flat monthly fee to keep your information secure and up-to-date.
  • Telephone and remote support is included.
  • Frequent updates to AgKnowledge are included.
  • Automatic, nightly, backups are included.
  • No other hidden fees.

Cost advantages of running in the cloud

  • No need to purchase or upgrade servers.
  • No need to worry about disk space, server viruses, or running backups.
  • No need to install software updates.


If your business has any requirements that the current version of AgKnowledge does not fulfill, we are here to help. We love programming and enjoy customizing the software to your needs. We complete these changes for our cloud-based clients as fast as possible and install them as soon as they are ready; not on some predetermined version release schedule.