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Fresh Avenue
"Fresh Avenue’s utilization of the AgKnowledge Software and support services by DiD Integration has been a key component in our success story within the produce industry. The program’s flexibility and rapid support whenever issues do arise fit Fresh Avenue’s desire to employ similar practices with our customer base as they’ve come to expect of us. We look forward to continuing our partnership with DiD Integration and couldn’t be happier."
Brian Rooney
Director of Supply Chain and Operations/Partner Fresh Avenue
Guadalupe Cooling
"AgKnowledge has been very helpful with our way of doing business. With AgKnowledge Harvest, we are able to track data in many forms to help us manage our operation. When needed, the AgKnowledge team has always provided custom solutions in a timely manner."
Danny Vincent
Pismo Oceano Vegetable Exchange (POVE)
"AgKnowledge has become a powerful tool in our company's day to day business. We use AgKnowledge for our inventory management, sales, customer management, and grower accounting. All of these areas are crucial to the success of our company. One of the most significant aspects of the AgKnowledge system is the reporting. We can take all of the various business inputs and run reports on a wide range of parameters. This allows us to evaluate and improve our company's efficiencies, communication, and real-time data to help continue to move us forward in this fast-paced industry.

The staff at AgKnowledge is incredible. They understand the needs of our company, listen to our suggestions, and find solutions that work. The system is very reliable and the staff is always available. We have used other produce systems, and by far, AgKnowledge has been the best fit for our business. I strongly recommend AgKnowledge to others in the industry."
Dan Sutton
Naturipe Berry Growers
"We have been with AgKnowledge for over ten years. During that time our business has more than tripled in size and AgKnowledge has provided a superior platform to accommodate that growth. Continuous upgrades to the base system, addressing industry challenges such as PTI and handling company specific needs such as our quality grading system have made AgKnowledge an invaluable partner for Naturipe Berry Growers."
Thomas Welch